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Manuela Who?

Manuela Galliè

Bioenergetic Operator and Pranotherapist,

expert in subtle energies,

energy rebalancing,

cleaning the aura and reading Akashic records,

creator of Genesa Crystal and Pentasphere.

Genesacolor was born from the idea that rebalancing the energy of the people of the environments where they live and of pets and not,

is really fundamental, and I would like that in every house or for every person there was a genesis to rebalance the auric field, to which we often pay little attention.

This is my first presentation,

when I created blog and fb page and I like to keep it to reread it and understand how many things have changed in a short time:

I am a girl ... in short, at the threshold of 40 we are more than girls .. okay.

Always looking for something more, I never wanted to ask myself what religion was for me and what I should believe, I had much more to do, then a few years ago I started my journey to discover what I would like no more believe and here I am.

Fortunately, after thousands of books, I have always liked to read, many seminars, paths, meetings, acquaintances, tales, talks and whoever has more, I decided.

I have decided that everything is one, that we are all connected, but that all the reality that surrounds us depends on ourselves, on what we think above all, on what we attract with our thinking, on how we fight against destiny and synchronicity or how we let go and go with the flow.

What we think comes from the collective unconscious, the inculcated beliefs, our way of life and how we have been treated by our parents. But we have the rudder and we are the architects of our life, especially how we react to the so-called tests put in front of us to make us evolve.

And I have decided that I want to be useful to those who are starting this path or are already at a good point, even if I still have a lot to learn to unlock and experience.

I let myself be guided by my higher self, trying to balance the mind to make it tune in to abundance. I am passionate about dowsing, radionics, I use the pendulum and the biotensor to give voice to my self and I often do readings of the present (the future can always be changed) to help people to center themselves and untangle difficult situations.

I create Genesa Crystal because I am very good at manual work, the energy to create these orgone devices is essential I create them with passion and attention, charging them with the purest and most loving energy I can.

I am a manifester according to Human Design so I am pure energy and I always manage to do and get what I want, which then often the problem is just deciding what I want.

According to the Mayan synchronicle, I am Blue Crystal Hand, therefore good with all that is practical and manual, creative and with healing energy, Intuitive and shrewd, attentive to the needs of others and I can immediately recognize the potential of other people.

Here I went too far, my Aries ascendant did not like it at all.

I look forward to commenting on some articles, on my FB page , or on my fb profile

to talk to Me write or call 3317812575.

Manuela Galliè

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